Ruby on Rails Website Development

What is Ruby on Rails Development?

Ruby on Rails, or RoR, is a server-side web application framework written with the Ruby programming language. The main advantages of using Rails for your website development are;

Less coding is required during development which allows for faster turn-around on your project needs.

It’s free, some other frameworks have large monthly and annual costs that raise overheads for your business.

It’s popular, some of the biggest companies in the world use Rails with their website and applications including; Shopify, Groupon, AirBNB & Twitch.

While Rails can be used for clients that just need a standard website, we usually recommend only considering rails for web or mobile applications. If you decide to use Rails for website development, there are content management systems, (CMS,) available that allow you to easily create, update, edit and delete content without needing a developer. Good examples of this are Refinery CMS and Camaleon CMS.

When to use Ruby on Rails for website development.

Before you begin development for a website, you need to engage in discussion. While you talk with our team we’ll identify the specific scenarios that are present in your business that lead us to recommend a certain framework for our developers to use when building your website.

If your website needs to be more then a website, for example a software as a service, (SaaS,) web application, this may be when we recommend using Ruby on Rails. The key considerations your business needs to make when planning the development of a SaaS are performance, scalability, flexibility and security. Rails is a great framework to use at least in the short and medium term if not forever. Twitter for example was originally built using Rails in 2006 and continued to benefit from Rails through till 2011 when they moved to Java. Twitter didn’t switch from Rails because it was a bad framework, they did so because they needed to take their product to a new place and this need was better solved through Java.

Many businesses would like to grow to the size of demand that Twitter experiences, but in reality, very few online platforms are ever going to be under so much pressure. In 2010, Twitter had approximately 320 million active monthly users. Shopify is built with Ruby on Rails and has nearly 1 million active stores.

The power of Ruby on Rails is that development is faster then other alternatives. Ruby on Rails encourages many best practices such as Agile development, which ultimately produces high efficiency and performance. The learning curve for development is much lower then other languages and frameworks and it can be easy to source staff and third party support compared to more complex languages like Java.

Ruby on Rails can be used to create a simple website too, even integrated with a CMS to be comparable to WordPress. Usually we’d recommend WordPress but if you have staff that are already familiar with Rails and Ruby, that’s another good reason to choose RoR as your website development framework.

Ruby on Rails web development pricing

Costs for web development with Ruby on Rails vary depending on the complexity of your project. If you are looking for a standard business website, that includes a blog and is integrated with a content management system, the cost may be around $10,000. If you are looking for SaaS built with the Rails framework, the costs will vary depending on the complexity of your designs. We can also assist with making modifications and improvements to existing websites and SaaS that are built using Ruby on Rails.

Design and creatives includes your branding, the look and feel of your new website, your content and visual events that occur with user engagement. You may have a vision for how this will look, or you may have an entire mock-up prepared by an internal graphics designer. Before we commence development on your website we’ll review your design and creatives and advise you on what we need to begin build your website. If you are lacking in any of these areas we will also be able to assist.

The development of your website or SaaS itself is simply the coding of your website toward your design. Our Ruby on Rails developers will follow RoR best practices and create a high performing website or web application that is in line with your goals. We will work with the latest versions of Ruby and Rails as well as any relevant Gems that are required to fulfill the functional requirements of your website or web application.

SaaS development is more intensive than website development. A SaaS is essentially your product or a supplementary product to the rest of your business. Development time is longer for a SaaS and there is more requirement for compliance and usability testing. The more users are able to input with a SaaS, the more security assessment needs to occur.

Regular support and maintenance is highly recommended for those who choose to use Ruby on Rails. The core language of Ruby, as well as the framework of Rails and the Gems that are utilised will often be updated by their respective developers. Our team will be able to monitor your website or web application and ensure that you remain up to date, secure and operational. We can also provide ad-hoc development when you want to make more complex changes.

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Why Ruby on Rails website development?

Why Ruby on Rails

Fast development with an open source framework. Ruby on Rails is scalable, flexible, secure and provides efficient performance.

Rails is Fast

You'll be waiting on development for less time. Rails is designed to make development of websites and applications faster then any other language and framework.

Rails is Flexible

When you want to add new features, Rails is magic. You won't need to wait on developers to reinvent the wheel when you want to upgrade.

Rails is Scalable

When things are working and you need more power. Getting better performance from Rails is as simple as upgrading your servers.

Ruby on Rails Development Overview

What to consider when planning RoR development

Does your business need to provide more then just a website? Ruby on Rails is a great framework to use when you want to provide a SaaS or even just a web application that solves a problem for your current or potential clients.

If you think you have a great product idea that should experience rapid popularity growth, Rails and Ruby can help you easily scale up and down in line with your performance requirements. It will be a long time before you find yourself in a situation where the limits of Ruby and Rails can no longer deliver for your business.

Sometimes you need to test the way you engage with users, or adapt to a fast changing market. With Ruby on Rails you can take advantage of what developers refer to as Rails magic. Adding entire new features and functionality is easy with relational databases that allow us to plug in new features without impacting on what’s already been developed.