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What matters with website development?

Designing and developing a website for your business is an important consideration for your overall digital strategy. The right website can make or break the success of all your online goals.

Will your website load fast enough to keep visitors engaged with your content?

Will your content provide value that can satisfy the intent of visitors and convert them into customers?

Do you have a website already and have an awareness of it’s positive and negative performance across the various scopes worth your consideration?

Whether you are in the market for a new website, or looking to upgrade or rebuild an existing site, the first step is to understand the level of planning that goes into designing and developing a product that will scale with your objectives and successes and failures of online marketing campaigns.

What is our approach to website development?

Discussion and planning with our clients is the first step in our approach to website development. It’s important that our team can first understand what your immediate and long term goals are for the website. This helps determine the right course of design for your businesses new website.

There are some aspects of web development that are essential, regardless of your goals. We will need to develop a site that loads quickly, makes use of responsive design to display well across the full range of modern internet devices, and that the code is structured in such a way that it can be well crawled by search engine bots such as Googlebot.

Optional scopes for development are considerations that we may take to ensure that this new website will ship with modules or pages that are designed to convert traffic from any planned or existing pay per click advertising. Does our team need to review content and site structure with an emphasis on technical and on page SEO? Do you have an existing brand and design in mind for what your new website will look like or do you require some artistic direction.

Finally, when your vision is outlined, we can decide what programming language and what framework to utilise. This will also tie into your businesses needs. Clients that run ecommerce business often benefit from using Shopify. Others who need to be able to use a content management system to regularly update and add content often benefit from WordPress. Some clients need multiple considerations. An example might be a business that runs a website and would like a mobile app as well. We often suggest they use React which can be utilised to develop a website and a mobile app from the same code base. React is also able to be integrated with WordPress as a headless CMS and is often a “best of all worlds” approach for a more holistic website.

The team at Your Clicks will break everything down for you and provide you with a suite of options. We know tech talk but we know business as well and can provide your options to you in a way that makes sense to your business. If you have something in mind or would like to get a comprehensive solution for your new business website, reach out and organise a discussion with one of our consultants now.

Our website development pricing

Every website development project is different. To help give some indication of costs we have broken aspects of web development into key scopes. Depending on your project needs, you may require assistance across all these scopes or just a few. There are additional elements of web design and development that you will need to consider such as content and images. Our consultants can discuss your project with you and help your business build a plan for your website.

The visual design of your new website is very important. A good design and layout of content is what will help impact the flow of traffic into conversions for your business. Developing a new website is a good time to review your businesses branding and decide if its time to make changes to this. Members of our graphics department can assist with any changes to branding. Once you are satisfied with your branding and have discussed your project with a consultant, our designers can begin working on the look of your new website. Costs for creating design specifications vary depending on the complexity and size of your website, you should allocate a minimum of $3000 to $5000 for web design.

Coding of the website is as important as design of the website. This is when members of our team will turn ideas into reality and build the website to your desired outline. During planning the code base and framework of your new website will be chosen in line with what best suits your businesses needs. All web development projects taken on by Your Clicks are custom developed for our clients. We do not use themes or templates and prefer to build everything from the ground up with a focus on semantic structure and other technical avenues that lead to better quality products that have some inbuilt SEO strength. The cost of website development projects start from between $5000 and $10000. More complex development leads to higher costs.

Sometimes you already have an excellent website and just need the inclusion of a plugin or script to add to what you already have. In cases like this you may just need a custom plugin solution. The cost of your plugin will vary depending on the framework you are running your website on, the language the plugin needs to be built in as well as the complexity of the plugin. A small plugin might cost around $5000, a more complex plugin could cost a lot more.

Regular support and maintenance of a website is almost essential in the modern digital world. When new devices are released minor tweaks may be needed to the presentation of a website. When a client is adding content they may require a new presentation or page template. Your Clicks offers ongoing support and management packages, clients have the option to pay by the hour for ad hoc development or to purchase a monthly quota of development hours at a reduced rate. The amount of support and maintenance you require can be determined and suggested during planning of your website development.

Our process for website development


Talking about your goals and objectives is the first stage of a good plan. Discuss your needs with our consultants so we can build the right strategy for you.


Design includes an outline, wireframes and visual representation of your new website. We'll take our discussion into design with room to make changes during further consultation.


We'll code your new website in the time frames determined during planing. You'll be able to view your site before it goes live.


You're ready to go live with your new website. We can deploy this for you or work with a hosting provider of your choice.

Web Development Overview

What to consider when planning website development

Page speed is an important factor for multiple aspects of your digital presence. A fast page speed provides a good user experience which leads to better engagement with the website and typically higher conversion rates for lead generation and sales. Because a faster website leads to a better user experience, it also leads to better organic rankings in Google and other search engines. You’ll want your page load speed to be under 1 second. Many factors influence loading speed. The size and volume of images used on the website, the location of the server that is hosting the website, the overall quality of the code used to develop and display the website are just a sample of areas that influence load speed. Our consultants can talk to you about how to deliver your content in the fastest way possible to clients while also being mindful of your overall business goals.

The framework that you use for your website development is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your Clicks prefers to use frameworks that are scalable and flexible for clients. We do not like to lock clients into frameworks that come with huge additional overheads and limit their ability to work with other third party developers in the future. For most eccommerce clients we recommend frameworks like Shopify, for businesses that need to grow and edit content in house we recommend open source frameworks such as WordPress. For clients that need a website and a mobile application we recommend using code such as React with WordPress or Shopify as a headless CMS. Each case is different and our consultants will be able to talk to you about the pros and cons of all your options.

Content is one of the most important parts of your websites ability to provide a good user experience and accommodate the search intent of visitors that land on your website. If your business is lacking in content, our team will recommend that you generate more content, either in house or with a member of our copywriting team. Content needs to be written in a way that will engage your users, not attempt to trick search engines. Text content should be supported with visual images and videos as well as presentation and accessibility.