Social Media Management

Why is your social media important?

Most people have at least one personal social media account these days. Having your business represented on social media is a great way to engage with potential customers in a more personable way while building reputation and trust in your brand.

71% of people will recommend a business that they have a positive social media experience with.

Over 60% of people expect a business to provide customer service through social media.

Over 90 billion dollars was spent on social media advertising in 2019.

Not only is social media an effective way to reach out to your customers in a more personal way, it is becoming increasingly expected for business to be represented on social media and be apart of the social sphere. It is also not something you want to just jump into without a strategy, and seeking consultation in regards to your social presence is vital.

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Management of your social media presence is more complex then simply having active social media accounts across a range of platforms. How you publish content and interact with your audience, as well as the frequency of this activity are some of the aspects you should be considering. Integration of customer service between your website and social presence is another factor. Our consultants can discuss your project with you and help your business develop a plan for your social media presence.

Setting up your social media accounts is a reasonably comprehensive task. We recommend creating accounts and managing strategies across several key social media platforms. The top platforms include; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok but there are many more. Optionally we can set up all your accounts inside of a single management hub to make management of content and social commentary much simpler.

A content management plan for your social media involves finding out how to present your brand in different ways across the various social platforms. In addition to creating the content, the content needs to be shared, and engagement needs to be responded to. Each platform is different and while some content can be shared across platforms, it’s best to use its one as it was intended.

These days it is expected that customer service occurs through social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn in particular. Just like its expected that you are active and using these platforms different audiences will expect different engagement from you via these platforms. In particular, Facebook and Twitter need heavy monitoring in order to quickly respond to customers and provide a positive experience that gets you shared.

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