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Why Search Engine Optimisation Matters

For decades businesses have advertised themselves across a range of mediums. Particularly in the past, the advertising process typically included placement at a cost. Whether that be an ad in a newspaper, a classifieds directory or a roadside banner. Many of these advertising mediums continue to exist though the engagement with the public has changed.

Digital advertising is the number one way to engage with potential customers in the modern world. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the effort of a business to rank highly in search engines such as Google and Bing.

What is SEO?

The overall position that your website appears in a search engine is not random. Search engines, like Google, crawl websites and record data from these websites in data centers. They then apply algorithms to order these websites against queries that people search form when using their search engine websites. The organic position of a website is not something that can be purchased, and Google doesn’t provide the top ranks to any particular website or business. The ranking of websites is purely determined by the algorithm they use.

This algorithm is kept secret by Google, and other major search engines follow the same practice. Nobody is aware of the exact algorithm that is used, but a person who performs SEO management has experience with improving results, and also keeps up to date with discussions from others.

How we price our SEO management services

Optimising your businesses website for better rankings in Google and other search engines is a complex task and is best understood by considering the key strategies that we use to improve your standing. How you choose to approach SEO for your business will depend on your current strengths and weaknesses, the level of competition you face in your industry, as well as the size of your budget that you are able to invest.

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