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Our Google AdWords Management guarantee is a return on investment, or we work for free untill it is. Improve your AdWords Account Management with a Personal AdWords Manager and regular weekly reports

  • check_circle Attract Higher Conversion Rates with Buying Funnel Keyword Targeting
  • check_circle Weekly Reports & Regular Updates to Improve Quality Score & Keyword Relevance
  • check_circle Monthly Meetings with a Personal Account Manager to Develop Strategies

Your AdWords Account Manager will actively work with your account to regularly improve the quality scores of your keywords by matching keyword phrases to landing pages and ad text in accordance with this three step chain.

If you are eligible for a free Responsive Design Website upgrade, we will enhance the content on each landing page to further improve the quality metrics, ultimately avoiding CPC (Cost Per Click) inflation as a penalty for low landing page relevance.

By split testing different ad text variations, we are able to regularly Improve CTR (Click Thru Rate) while also maintaining and increasing strong conversion rates for leads and sales to your business. Having a good CTR is important because it is a metric Google uses to identify if your AdWords Management is producing ads that are being engaged with by your potential consumers. A low CTR can influence your Quality Scores and Ad Rank, which can lead to you paying more for clicks than you need too for your keywords, thus reducing your traffic volumes and return on investment (ROI).

Selecting keywords to advertise on is not as simple as choosing broad phrases that might be relevant to your products & services. Whilst you may get results from this approach the returns will likely be lower then they could be and your level of irrelevant advertising will typically be quite high. Effective Google AdWords Management involves choosing broad, phrase and exact match keywords that are the most likely to produce a result, and matching these keywords to ad text that is likely to suit the search users intention. This will result in higher CTR, which will ultimatley lead to higher quality scores and ad rank which can mean cheaper clicks and greater traffic share. You will also know that the large majority of clicks and impressions are relevant to your business and you’ll likely obtain high conversion rates from your paid traffic as well.

The techniques we’ve described are only a handful of the many strategies we will utilise for your campaign, and this overview is only scraping the surface of the tools available to track your conversions, measure improvement and ultimately ROI.

Your account manager will use a highly diverse strategy, tailored to your target market and business needs with the view of continually improving your Google AdWords results, such as adding negative keywords to filter traffic, exploring new keyword phrase combinations to attract new audiences and testing responses in different paid positions to see which position provides the best result for the best price. Monitoring Competitors in your industry is also essential to understanding how your ad should be positioned in terms of ad content and which page position will generate the right balance of conversions and traffic.

Having a personal AdWords Manager gives you peace of mind, knowing that your account is not just generating a strong and consistent ROI but is also being regularly updated and improved to stay ahead of your competition and maximise the online earning potential for your business.

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  • check_circle Our ROI (Return on Investment) Guarantee means you will get your specified return or we work for free untill you have.
  • check_circle We'll keep you informed about work happening in your account with Weekly Reports & Phone Meetings.
  • check_circle Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics & Google Webmaster installation & configuration to measure actual results.
  • check_circle Daily updates on account activity and performance with access to an Online Portal.
  • check_circle Our No Competition Policy means we won't take on a business that directly competes with an existing client.
  • check_circle Focus on conversion to leads and sales to build your profits before looking to Maximise Online Earning potential.
  • check_circle Regular Split Testing of ad text, ad position & other strategies ensure we are continually improving your results.

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