Pay Per Click Management

Why is pay per click important for your business?

Pay per click advertising is the fastest way to generate visitors to your website and start generating a return on investment. Even an established business should be using and maximising their returns from PPC ads.

Paid clicks on Google Ads make up over 10% of all user engagement from searches.

65% of users looking to make a purchase will click on a paid ad.

For every $1 spent on Google Ads, the average return on investment is $2.

There is no strong business case for not using PPC advertising for your digital presence. If you’re already using PPC, the next step is to ensure you are maximising your return on investment and carefully tracking and monitoring user engagement so you can tweak your campaigns to further maximise returns and avoid losing ground to your competition.

How we approach pay per click management.

Many business owners prefer to use PPC advertising budgets with a focus purely on generating a return on investment. This is indeed a great objective of PPC advertising, and a very common use. In terms of generating ROI, we suggest that there are two main forms of returns that can be generated for a business. There are immediate returns and long term returns. We consider immediate returns to be when a user visits a business online, and within a reasonable timeframe of around 4 weeks, this user converts into a transaction that results in remuneration for the business. A long term return would be a user that visits a website but does not convert inside that timeframe but at a later date returns to this business and then converts.

PPC can be used to deliver both types of returns, and Your Clicks recommends that a strong digital presence considers both short term and long term return when developing effective advertising campaigns. It is appropriate to begin with a focus on short term returns if required, but ultimately both forms of return are valuable opportunities for online business. Further, there are other advanced strategies that can be deployed through PPC that could be considered equally valuable. For example, limiting the opportunity for your competition can reduce opportunity loss for your business.

When we begin ppc management for a client, we start by discussing your business, products and services and build an understanding of your clients and how they engage with you. With this understanding we are then able to develop strategies with an understanding of how the buying funnel applies to your business and your customers search journey. It is then a simple process of applying this knowledge to the setup and management of your PPC campaigns.

Ongoing management involves continually working toward reducing cost per acquisition in all its form while improving conversion values. While Google state that the average business will receive a return of $2 for every $1 spent, we find that these results can be considerably higher and can continually improve with a proactive approach to ppc. In addition, our team is able to discuss more complex advertising strategies with you that tie in other digital strategies. In fact we recommend early on that a reinvestment of profits be diverted to alternative strategies in order to strengthen your overall digital strategy.

Our ppc management pricing

Often other digital agencies will charge set monthly fees to provide you with an account manager for PPC. At Your Clicks we believe each client and each job is different. A client who already has a Google Ads campaign returning investment may not need as much time spent on developing campaigns. Someone who has already installed comprehensive tracking may not need any additional time spent in this area. Our consultants will review your individual situation and discuss your goals and then develop a management strategy for you that may combine some of the following items.

An account build requires consultation between your business and ours. Our team will need to understand your business, its products and services and elements of interaction between your customers. Strategies can then be designed based on this information and an account build can be implemented. In most cases the development of your ppc campaign will occur between 1 and 2 weeks, though this does depend on the complexity of your needs. In our proposal we will outline options that align with your objectives for this account setup and deployment.

PPC account audits are performed for clients that have either an historical campaign or an active campaign. Before account audits are performed our collaboration is again important. Understanding the relationship between your customers and your products and services is key to determining what is working and not working with regards to your ppc campaign. A completed audit will provide you with options for strategy alterations where needed and compliments of what strategies are already effective. An audit usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your accounts.

Running any digital strategies without effective data tracking and analytics is essentially a waste of time and resources. Every interaction or lack thereof is paid for in some way and, regardless of any transaction, offers valuable insight to your business. Your Clicks does not assist with ppc campaigns without appropriate data tracking and analytics in place. We will review what you have and prepare a proposal of actions that we recommend taking in regards to furthering your data tracking efforts. An audit here may take between 1 and 2 weeks, implementation usually takes a further 1 and 2 weeks depending on the complexity of your digital strategies.

Some businesses have internal staff, such as marketing teams, who are responsible for the ongoing management of digital strategies such as PPC. Our team is able to collaborate and further develop the skills of your team in order to drive better results for your digital advertising campaigns.

Use Our PPC Managers

To drive return on investment to your business

Our process for pay per click management


We'll discuss what you've done in the past. Then what we'll do moving forward to ensure your PPC delivers consistent ROI.


Our team will build PPC campaigns with a focus on results. We'll employ advanced tracking to monitor progress and tweak for performance.


We'll regularly monitor the results of your campaigns. We'll use data obtained from every dollar you spend to get the most value.


Together we'll continue to obtain and grow ROI. We recommend using a percentage of profits to continue to grow your investment.