Google AdWords | Trades Industry

Google AdWords | Trades Industry

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When running a marketing strategy for service industries, we take time to carefully consider the the market that will be consuming the services.

This particular case is a targeted search network campaign for a Commercial and Domestic Maintenance and Building Repairs Specialist with a preference to work on larger projects as the profit on a conversion was higher.

Your Clicks Success:

  •  Increase of 85.15% to Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)
  •  Improvement of 39.21% of Quality Score
  •  Average Increase of 4.5 Positions
  •  Conversion Increase of Over 600%
  •  Over 750% Improvement in Impression Share
  •  Return on Investment Increased from -75% to 299%

The account itself was being managed by our client before commencing his marketing solution with Your Clicks. During this time the self-managed campaign had been exposed to a vast audience numbering over 500,000 and had also accumulated a number of clicks although only 0.74% of the audience being exposed to the self-managed advertising was engaged enough to interact with it, thus limiting the conversion potential of the account.

It was clear that the account could be refined to engage a larger portion of that audience and improve the potential to convert that audience into profitable traffic.

Although there was lots of data in the self-managed account, the strategy that was being employed at the time lacked consistency, ultimately impeding the ability to make informed calculations as to where the prospective and engaged market was in the conversion cycle.

After discussing the operations of our clients organisation and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of what the practical realities of our clients work, our Google Certified AdWords Manager set out to build a campaign solution that was tailored to our clients needs.

Our clients Your Clicks AdWords Specialist built a more diversified strategy that was aimed at grading the traffic so we could identify where the engaged traffic fell in the conversion cycle.

Embedding a strategy to track both ‘hard’ and soft ‘conversions’ (eg. clicks converting to a phone or email lead or softer conversions to sitelinks ads/keywords in experimental rotation such split testing) was key to the success of benchmarking the graded traffic into ‘top of conversion funnel’ traffic (traffic that is comparing options in the market and had not yet committed to a final decision – essentially window shoppers) to those in the lower sections of the funnel who are more likely to convert in to profitable business our our client.

Without being able to grade the traffic we would have never identified why people were viewing the ads but not clicking and ultimately converting.

Your Clicks Account Manager

Once the traffic had been graded we noted an 86.15 increase in the percentage of people being attracted to engage with the ads we created as part of the new solution.

This improvement had a significant impact in the performance of the account and in proving to Google that our client was an advertiser of choice.

When you make changes to a Google AdWords account, the results will affect the account as a whole. Many people who have contacted us with failing accounts think of each element in their account as being isolated. The reality is much different.

When we manage accounts we need to keep 3 people happy:
As you would expect, the first is our client. We need to be able to realise the business goals of our client through the strong and consistent return on investment of their online marketing strategy we manage for them.

Second is the consumer; often our client has been running advertising that is confusing to their potential market. Prior to our management, our client had been displaying inconsistent, unapealing advertising and/or directing that market to a poor quality website or landing pages that are not mobile responsive, resulting in bounces from their business to their competitors.

Finally is Google; like Your Clicks, Google strive to give the people using their products or services a high quality experience. In the context of their serach engine, that comes in the form of unique and attractive advertising, delivered relevant to specific search terms used by people searching for our clients on Google. When you achieve this, Google will give the quality of your advertising a score out of ten. The higher our client’s Google assigned quality score is, the more google will reward them with lower Cost-Per-Clicks, higher position on the page for a lower price and unrestricted potential impression-share (excluding that which is limited by budget.)

Your Clicks Account Manager

In this account, Google saw that there was an increased level of engagement by consumers to our clients advertising and as a result began to see our clients Your Clicks marketing advertising solution as high quality.

In accordance to the increase in Quality Score from Google, we noted some interesting effects on the account our clients Your Clicks Marketing Solution.

In combination with a bidding strategy, focused on keywords that were proven to have profitable results we saw the average position improve from 7.2 (well below the scroll line) to 2.7; a vast improvement, making our client more visible to their market and further improving the Click Thru Rate.

We also saw a significant increase in impression share rising from less that 10% of possible exposures to their market to over 85%. This meant that our client was able to advertise to their market more often without Google restricting their advertising through limiting your impression share and inflated cost per clicks.

This larger reach meant that the advertising was available to people who need our clients services more often, ultimately resulting in an increased level of conversion to over 600%.

When the client first came on board they were losing 75% of every dollar they invested into the Google advertising, so the account was not profitable. However after our changes the ROI for the client increased to 299%. The client went from losing most of their investment to tripling their advertising investments with Google AdWords allowing them to grow sales volumes and expand their online marketing with increased sales revenues.

Our client had confirmed that their Your Clicks Google AdWords management has been consistently running with a strong return on investment proving to be a successful, positively geared marketing strategy.

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