Google AdWords | Online Retail Industry

Google AdWords | Online Retail Industry

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When looking after a client who is selling a product direct to the consumer market, our initial steps are to research the consumer markets that should be targeted and identify their search behaviour to choose keywords that are most likely to be profitable to our client in the short term before expanding with profits to maximise earnings potential.

This particular case is a targeted search network campaign for an online store that provides products for people with special needs. Products on offer by our client include wheelchairs, scooters and other daily living aids.

Your Clicks Success:

  •  Increase of 1947.62% to Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)
  •  Improvement of 86.38% of Quality Score
  •  Average increase of 3.6 positions
  •  Conversion increase of over 1176%
  •  1005% improvement in impression share
  •  Return on Investment Increased from 150% to 498%

Before subscribing to our AdWords Management solution the client business was managing the Google AdWords account in house. During this time the account was exposed to over 2.2 million people through advertisements and was able to accrue 9613 clicks for a click-thru-rate (CTR) of 0.42%. This implied a large amount of irrelevant searches triggering ads and was a likely reason for the account being inconsistent at breaking even on profits.

It was evident that the account was able to be improved to target a higher quality of traffic that would be more likely to engage in the ads and, in turn, be more likely to convert to sales. Though visitors were landing on the page, only approximately 1.3% of those visitors were on the site to make a purchase. Overall for the period the client had spent approximately $4000 on AdWords and made a return on that investment of $6000.

The client was fortunate in that some of their products were quite valuable in terms of their profit margins and so this made it easy for them to turn a profit without having an effective account but left a lot of room for improvement in terms of what return on their investment was achievable through Google AdWords.

After discussing the operations of our clients organisation and gaining a better knowledge of the target market for our clients’ products, our Google AdWords Certified Account Manager set out to build a campaign solution that was tailored to our clients’ needs.

The account manager built the account with a more specific structure focussed on obtaining conversions from quality traffic as opposed to the over exposure that our client had built their campaign for. This allowed us to capture the target market at the latter stages of the buying funnel.

The client was collecting traffic but from a broad range of keywords and so the actual conversion rate to sales or genuine enquiries was very low. By reviewing search term reports we were able to filter out a lot of irrelevant searches by building very specific ad groups that targeted the shoppers at the end of the buying funnel.

The quality scores of the account increased significantly and the click-thru-rate for the client grew by just under 2000%. The traffic was also much better in terms of their likelihood to purchase and the client immediately saw an increase in sales for a decrease in cost per conversion. The return on investment for the client surged far beyond what they were used to and they were in a position to increase budget to obtain maximum profits from their target markets.

Your Clicks Account Manager

The most obvious statistics that improved for the client was their click-thru-rate, which indicated that we were advertising our ads to more relevant searches.

By improving the quality of the traffic the effects on the overall account were significant and all positive. Google also recognised this increase in CTR as being worthy of an improvement in ad rank which saw cheaper cost per clicks for the most profitable keywords in the account.

When you make changes to a Google AdWords account, the results will affect the account as a whole. Many people who have contacted us with failing accounts think of each element in their account as being isolated. The reality is much different.

When we manage accounts we need to keep 3 people happy:
As you would expect, the first is our client. We need to be able to realise the business goals of our client through the strong and consistent return on investment of their online marketing strategy we manage for them.

Second is the consumer; often our client has been running advertising that is confusing to their potential market. Prior to our management, our client had been displaying inconsistent, unapealing advertising and/or directing that market to a poor quality website or landing pages that are not mobile responsive, resulting in bounces from their business to their competitors.

Finally is Google; like Your Clicks, Google strive to give the people using their products or services a high quality experience. In the context of their serach engine, that comes in the form of unique and attractive advertising, delivered relevant to specific search terms used by people searching for our clients on Google. When you achieve this, Google will give the quality of your advertising a score out of ten. The higher our client’s Google assigned quality score is, the more google will reward them with lower Cost-Per-Clicks, higher position on the page for a lower price and unrestricted potential impression-share (excluding that which is limited by budget.)

Your Clicks Account Manager

In this account, Google saw that there was an increased level of engagement by consumers to our clients advertising and as a result began to see our clients Your Clicks marketing advertising solution as high quality.

In addition to the new bidding approach and more targeted keywords that were proving to be more profitable we also took advantage of the improved ad rank and decreased cost per click to have our clients advertising appear in the top paid positions for Google. The average position before our management for the client was 5.0, after our management changes the account settled at position 1.4, so alternating between position 1 and 2 with more appearances at the top of the page.

Although our client had been obtaining a large amount of impressions, they were not obtaining a large share of impressions from the advertisers that they had been competing with. This was most likely because of the broad nature of their account. The clients’ impression share went from below 10% to over 89%. Given the highly targeted keywords in the clients account this meant that the client was ahead of their competition 9 times out of 10 when a search was performed in Google for the products on offer from our client.

This larger collection of impressions meant a higher level of engagement for their products over their competition which finally lead conversion rates increasing for the client by 1176%.

When the client first came on board they had a return on investment of 150%, so the account was profitable. However after our changes the ROI for the client increased to 498%. Not only is the client able to make a higher volume of sales but the return for their advertising costs has more than tripled.

Our client had confirmed that their Your Clicks Google AdWords management has been consistently running with a strong return on investment proving to be a successful, positively geared marketing strategy.

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