Google AdWords | Lead Generation Industry

Google AdWords | Lead Generation Industry

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Sometimes a business can’t sell their products directly to the consumer market, in these cases obtaining sales enquiries or leads is what is important to the business. Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool that can also be used to effectively generate leads and still generate a return on investment after factoring in your conversion rate from leads to sales.

This particular case is a search network campaign for a business that helps people begin accredited education courses online. The client offers a broad range of diplomas for users to enrol and study.

Your Clicks Success:

  •  Increase of 343.66% to Click-Thru-Rate (CTR)
  •  81.60% Increase for Keywords Appearing in Top 4 positions
  •  Conversion increase of over 71.20%
  •  Return on Investment Increased from 150% to 498%

Prior to beginning their AdWords Management subscription with Your Clicks the client was managing their account in house after getting negative results from third party management. From about 1.2 million impressions the client had obtained 11,709 clicks for a click-thru-rate (CTR) of 0.97%. This CTR was reasonable but it still showed room for improvement, approximately one fifth of search traffic can be captured with Google AdWords for most keyword searches.

One thing we kept in mind was that we needed to target a higher quality audience more likely to be interested in the clients services as well as keeping the campaign advertising on keywords that would be searched by potential candidates. The client was converting 2.75% of their audience into leads which showed that while they were collecting some of the right people they were also exposing themselves to engagements from the wrong audience. Overall the client had spent about $3200 on AdWords and made a return on Investment of $4800.

The account was producing a return for the client but the client recognised that they could obtain a better result and decided to have another go at third party management to improve returns for their business.

After discussing the operations of our clients business and gaining a better knowledge of the target market for our clients’ services, our Google AdWords Certified Account Manager set out to build a campaign solution that was tailored to our clients’ needs.

The account manager built the account with a focus on improving relevant traffic while still exposing the account to general keywords that would produce results with lower returns that were still positive for the clients business.

The client was getting leads but there was a lot of inconsistency in the conversions. This came about from the broad style of keywords being used and a large amount of keywords that were being used were producing no results but costing the client money.

By removing the redundant keywords from the clients account it gave us additional budget to allocate to new keywords that would likely attract audiences from further along in the buying funnel. Another thing about the account was that many keywords were in low positions and the industry was very competitive, the clients only conversions were coming from high positions, generally the top 4 and usually the top 3. We split tested some traffic to confirm this was true before making sure we maintained the higher positions by improving ad rank and keeping bids strong.

Your Clicks Account Manager

The clients click-thru-rate increased very quickly which showed that the improved targeting of keyword phrases was having an effect on the success of the account.

The improved quality of traffic had effects across all aspects of the account, the ad rank improved for keyword relevance and expected click thru rates for the ads. It allowed for lower bids on keywords to get the same results as higher ones had in the past. The additional funds within the budget were then able to obtain higher levels of traffic that also had higher conversion rates.

When you make changes to a Google AdWords account, the results will affect the account as a whole. Many people who have contacted us with failing accounts think of each element in their account as being isolated. The reality is much different.

When we manage accounts we need to keep 3 people happy:
As you would expect, the first is our client. We need to be able to realise the business goals of our client through the strong and consistent return on investment of their online marketing strategy we manage for them.

Second is the consumer; often our client has been running advertising that is confusing to their potential market. Prior to our management, our client had been displaying inconsistent, unapealing advertising and/or directing that market to a poor quality website or landing pages that are not mobile responsive, resulting in bounces from their business to their competitors.

Finally is Google; like Your Clicks, Google strive to give the people using their products or services a high quality experience. In the context of their serach engine, that comes in the form of unique and attractive advertising, delivered relevant to specific search terms used by people searching for our clients on Google. When you achieve this, Google will give the quality of your advertising a score out of ten. The higher our client’s Google assigned quality score is, the more google will reward them with lower Cost-Per-Clicks, higher position on the page for a lower price and unrestricted potential impression-share (excluding that which is limited by budget.)

Your Clicks Account Manager

Something else we noticed in this account is that nearly 20% of traffic was coming inbound through mobiles and tablets, this information was provided to the client as evidence for them to consider upgrading their site to a responsive design, something that Your Clicks does for free for their clients that subscribe to certain management options.

In this account there had been many keywords used that were obtaining no results but accruing spend. We removed 53.56% of the keywords being used by the client which were ineffective.

In addition to the removal of the redundant keywords we pushed the ad rank and bids up for the existing keywords to increase the top of page rate for the keywords particular in positions 1 through 4. Before management the client had 17.85% of keywords in the top 4 positions and after our changes 81.60% keywords were in the top 4 positions.

Although our client had an account that was producing a return on investment it was only a 150% return. Our changes were focussed on increasing conversions to grow the overall return on investment, we were able to obtain a 71.20% improvement in conversion rates on the account.

The higher conversion rate level of course had a direct effect on the clients return on investment which was able to grow from 150% to 498%, the increase grew by both increasing the conversion rate for clicks as well as increasing the volume of keywords that were getting clicks and improving the quality of the traffic that was coming through.

Our client had confirmed that their Your Clicks Google AdWords management has been consistently running with a strong return on investment proving to be a successful, positively geared marketing strategy.

For more information on getting started with your Online Marketing strategy don’t forget to ask one of our Online Marketing Specialists if you are eligible to get a free responsive website.