Starting Your Online Advertising Campaign

Starting Your Online Advertising Campaign

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When you first decide to go into business online, one of the most important steps you can take is the development of an effective marketing strategy to generate leads and sales for your business.

No matter how much time and money you put into your online business and web presence, you will always need to fall back to a marketing strategy in order to monetize that online presence.

Effective Google AdWords management can be a fast way to produce a strong and consistent ROI, (return on investment,) and does not require you to be a webmaster or SEO expert. You can use Google AdWords to target search phrases in later stages of the buying funnel to obtain traffic likely to purchase your products or services.

Combining Google AdWords tracking details with Google Analytics will allow you to measure your spend against your returns and shape your account to produce high levels of return on your advertising investments.

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google for you to use with your website. Setting up Google Analytics is as easy as creating a Google account, logging into the platform and copying a small snippet of code into the pages of your website that you wish to track.

Once Analytics is installed you can monitor the visitors to your website and their behaviour, from time spent on the site, to what pages were viewed and the interaction level they had with your site before leaving. You can create goals to monitor conversions such the number of people that land on a thank you page that is produced after a contact form is filled out or a product is purchased.

When you import these into your Google AdWords account or set up conversion tracking through Google AdWords you can review the paid clicks you have obtained to see which ones are converting to your goals and calculate your ROI.

Knowing which keywords are converting shows you where to invest your money, which is especially important for a new business with a small advertising budget.Once you have some consistency with your returns you can slowly use additional your profits to increase your advertising investment and begin to grow your online acquisition.

Google AdWords allows you to quickly tap into a market and acquire business while you wait for more long term strategies to take effect such as Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is very competitive as well and there is no guarantee you will ever rank your site in the top 3 for profitable keywords. Google AdWords ensures that so long as you have money to invest into an advertising campaign that you can always be found by your target audience and generate sales.

When you are starting out and looking to generate those early conversions its very important to consider the keywords you are using in your campaigns. You want to choose combinations of search phrases that are the most likely to convert and avoid using to many broad match keywords.

For example you might have an online business that sells women’s shoes. If you use the keyword shoes or women’s shoes, you would generate all kinds of traffic and the majority of the traffic won’t be ready to buy any shoes online. A good example of a more specific keyword to use might be [buy womens shoes online].

The square brackets are used to indicate an exact match keyword which means an ad would only trigger if a search user type in those exact words in that exact order and no other words.

A search on this keyword phrase is clearly very likely to be ready to buy some women’s shoes online and it is combinations like this that are in the shopping phase of the buying funnel that we recommend using when starting out seeking initial returns.

Generally speaking these buying funnel keywords are the most competitive and they usually cost more per click. You can reduce the costs by improving your ad rank with good quality ad text and a good quality landing page.

It can take time to get results happening consistently but starting out like this is a strategy we use a lot with the marketing of our clients and has proven to be successful almost every time.

Once you have generated profits on these more competitive keywords you can work backwards through the buying funnel and explore new keyword ideas for different ways to market your products and services.

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