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SEO Brisbane

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What do you need to know about SEO in 2015?

Local SEO for Brisbane Areas

A lot of people online are talking about the death of SEO due to algorithm updates from Google over the last few years. Of course when business is struggling to make ends meet and drive sales often when searching for information online you have already set the objective of finding this negative commentary. Google is a search engine, you can only use it to find information, if you are wondering why business is slow chances are you are searching for information about slow business online and finding exactly that information that supports it.

Do a Google search right now for “SEO is an excellent strategy for sales” and see what comes up in the results. What you’ll find is its a series of guides on how to use SEO. People have been complaining about the death of SEO and particular strategies for SEO for years, very little of this information has turned out to be accurate. Your Clicks has tested many of the claims and has obtained SEO results for ourselves and our clients over the years during the fear mongering, we have also noted people have claimed the death of Search Engine Optimisation all the way back till when META tags no longer were enough on their own for a page 1 ranking.

No in fact you can and always will be able to rank your webpage to the top of Google while Google is an index of sites. Google will always refresh things and you may move up and down all the time, good SEO is just one strategy for your business to generate money. It is another basket you should have eggs in all the time. You’re not always going to bring in profits from it but if you have the egg in the basket you will produce returns so long as you are smart about it.

Your job in the business is to run the business, you don’t have time to become an “SEO Guru” and rank yourself in the search engines, nor should you have to. But part of your responsibilities are to ensure that the people working for you or with you are pulling their weight. There are a number of tools you can use online to see how many backlinks are being built to your site, what quality are these links if any, what strategy appears to be in place and how does it align to the information your SEO management company has been providing you with.

Scarily, over 90% of the people we talk to who are paying money for Search Engine Optimisation are actually getting no result, have no evidence of work being performed, and rarely hear from their SEO manager. The costs are usually in the thousands and the time periods are usually more then a year. Educate yourself to know enough to be able to ensure you are paying for a result like any other part of your business. You don’t have to be an expert, just don’t be ignorant.

There are a range of free services you can take advantage of to improve your local SEO results, if you are looking for Brisbane SEO rankings then set up a Google My Business page, this is free and can bring in calls and traffic almost immediately. It takes about half an hour of your time and their are plenty of online guides available showing you how to maximise its results. All clients that sign up to Your Clicks marketing management plans receive free Google My Business setup. Enter your business into the free local directories, not too many, just some of the major ones like True Local. You don’t have to pay for most of these sites and it can help you boost your local presence when done correctly. Include terms that relate to the areas you are targeting. For example if I want to be found when someone searches “SEO Brisbane” then I should mention this in my content at the least.

Always keep a list of usernames and password for links you create so you can change them if you need to or remove them if they have a negative result. SEO is not dead, it is very much alive and very much an important focus for your business. Talk to anyone who has the top positions on Google and they will tell you all about the sales being generated from these valuable positions online.

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