Researching Keywords for Traffic

Researching Keywords for Traffic

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A task you will find yourself performing regularly is researching keyword ideas to find new niches to expand your target audience for online advertising. Keyword research may seem complex or unimportant to someone just starting with online advertising but the concept of using keywords for advertising strategies is very simple. As we know, when a user inputs words into a search engine, whether that’s a single word, a series of words or even a sentence, this will trigger a result from the search engine. Every single different combination, even misspellings, will provide a different set of results. The idea of keyword research is to find keywords that have the potential to drive new traffic to your business that will in turn have an increase to your profits.

Many online tools can be used to perform keyword research. When using a Google AdWords campaign we recommended that you stick to the free tool offered by Google which is the Keyword Planner. The keyword planner allows you to find new keyword phrases to be used with your Google AdWords campaigns, and keywords that you wish to use can be quickly added to your account through the keyword planner, saving you time. In addition the data displayed about traffic levels, competition, expected cost per click, and more are all based on the actual results happening in the Google network. So the information is reliable and allows you to determine which keywords will be cost effective to use and which ones will be the most profitable to your business.

Profitability might not be the only objective of your keyword research though. Depending on where your campaign sits in terms of its ROI and lifespan you may be seeking to get your brand in front of more people regardless of where they sit in the buying funnel, you might be thinking about new products or services to offer, you could be looking for the variations of keywords you are already using, you might even be looking for keywords that are similar to your existing keywords but are not relevant to your product or service to use as negative keywords. There is limitless possibilities of why you would be performing keyword research. If your heading in a more complex direction for marketing online then you probably already have a fair knowledge of how to research keywords, if you’re just starting out then its important to have a strategy before jumping in.

An effective strategy to use is to fall back onto your website or existing AdWords campaigns. Within these you can look for core words that relate to your products and services. Building a list of these core words gives you a starting point for using the keyword planner.

Each keyword you input will generate a large number of keyword ideas that you can then review details for to see which ones might be useful to your campaigns. The keyword planner also attempts to sort keyword ideas into themes to make it more convenient to add them into your Google AdWords account, or you can review each suggestion individually, choosing only the ones you think are worthwhile and building campaigns yourself.

While you are researching keywords we recommend that you keep some kind of spreadsheet to record the keywords that you think you may like to use. You can refer to this spreadsheet when you have accumulated your keywords and use it to plan out the construction of your AdWords account, grouping matching keywords together for themed account setup. While you are finding new keywords you may come across keyword suggestions that have nothing to do with your products and services but have similar words, you should note these down as well as you may need to include these as negative keywords to ensure these searches do not trigger your advertising campaigns once they are live.

Keeping copies of your research allows you to grow comprehensive lists of ideas for marketing strategies and gives you plenty to think about for your online marketing. The keyword planner will allow you to automatically download the results of the keywords you search which you can compile into your own master spreadsheet or keep individually. Keyword research is something that takes a varying amount of time for each individual and online business but it is something that everyone will do at some point in time. When first getting online things are very exciting but at the end of the day everything is going to fall back to keyword research, how you use it and make it work to your advantage.

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