Own Your Market: Dominating Google AdSpace

Own Your Market: Dominating Google AdSpace

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Are you getting the most out of your Google AdWords campaigns?

Own the first page of Google

Google Ad Space is increasingly becoming one of the most competitive pieces of advertising real estate worldwide. In order for consumers to effectively participate in this market, Google have produced a variety of products that help pair advertisers and consumers, including, Google AdWords Product Listings (for the retail industry) and Google My Business (for local business).

Many Australian advertisers are not using more than two or three channels of advertising available to their industry and as such, are not taking full advantage of a this extremely valuable ad space. Interestingly, this is even the case with some of Australia’s Largest Brands.

Many advertisers do not take full advantage of the suite of tools available to them citing expense as the main concern. So, is it too expensive to dominate the Google Search Results Page? The short answer to that is no. In essence, the expense of Google advertising is directly related to how much value is added to your business by the advertising you use (i.e. sales, sign ups or trackable branding benefits).

To demonstrate this, lets have a look at how advertisers can start capatslising on the enormous Conversion Potential that is available for each Advertising Channel in the Google Search Engine. Further, how these channels can work together to help build a stronger market presence and ultimately, a brand capable of sustaining consistent profitability.

Specifically, I will address the added functionality that Google ad extensions can provide, the power of Google Plus, Google My Business and Youtube for brand awareness and how you can best use search engine optimisation to ensure your business stands out from the rest.

Google AdWords Management: Own Your Market Space

When we think of Google AdWords advertising, we traditionally think of the blue ad title and the two line description. As an advertising strategy, this one channel strategy is well and truly dead due to the extra level of functionality that has become available through interactive ad extensions such as:

  • Location extensions;
  • Call extensions;
  • Offer extensions;
  • Sitelinks extensions;
  • Product extensions;
  • Social extensions;
  • Dynamic search ad extensions; and
  • App extensions.

Essentially, these extensions add another level of functionality over the traditional ‘one channel for all traffic’ strategy. Now, advertisers are able to make their ads really stand out through use of these tools and in turn, consumers will now be able to land on a page that is most valuable to their shopping experience and, ultimately your business.

To take this further, lets compare the ad copies of a prominent Australian online appliance store. Without using the above extensions to increase functionality to the ad, it looks smaller and ultimately less engaging as there is less information for the user to consume.



Instantly, you can see the significant effect that adding extensions has on the size and impact of the advertisement. The ad now takes up more space on the page and gives the user the opportunity to navigate straight to the product they want even when using non-specific keywords like ‘appliances online’.

Google+… Really?


For so long Google+ has been perceived by consumers as a dead end Google product, and to be fair, this may have been true during the applications development. However, this has now changed and, consistent with Google’s cross product functionality ethos, advertisers can now use Google plus as part of their branding strategy and are able to link their pages to their respective AdWords Account.

The real power behind this is seen when consumers use keywords that relate to your brand into a Google Search. When you set up a business or brand page with Google+ you can now capitalise on a substantial piece real estate that acts as a virtual business card.  Without a Google Plus page, the enormous advertising contact card displayed below will not feature when a consumer enters keywords relevant to your business.  Advertisers must consider the detriment they are doing to their businesses by forgoing this simple, yet vital step.

YouTube Your Brand

As an internet community, we like to interact with a variety of content as part of our internet experience. As consumers, we like it even more when an organisation speaks the internet language we have become accustomed to. Video is fast becoming a part of that language, taking prominence where photos and GIF’s once ruled.

Videos from YouTube – the internet second biggest Search Engine (that just happens to be owned by Google) –  are becoming more common in Google Search results for a variety of search terms, including brand terms.

Evidently, using YouTube is a great way to take ownership of your brand and add an extra channel of exposure to your market. Remember, when using videos, you need to ensure that the content of the video is of quality and adds value to the users experience – strategies that will benefit your market will ultimately benefit your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business presents another opportunity for advertisers to capitalize on the valuable market space that is Google’s first page of search results. However, it is important that you make sure your business listing is verified and your feed is optimised for this to have the required impact for your business.

One extremely valuable aspect of Google My Business is its location function which really comes to life on mobile devices. When a user types in Brand Related Search Terms they are exposed to your brand and your customer reviews and your location.

Pairing this with Google Maps allows users who have been exposed to your Google My Business Profile to get directions to your place of business efficiently within their devices GPS. However, the mobile functionality doesn’t just stop there!

If a user decides they would like to speak to first, they have the opportunity to call you directly from your Google My Business Profile which then interfaces with their devices phone to make a call.

This is one of my favourite Google Products for Business that has been released this year. We have all seen Google Products like this in the past but finally we now have a product that ties all the key Google products into one package.

Product Listing Ads – Show Off Your Goods

When it comes to product advertising, nothing engages your market more than an image of the product you are wanting to sell. Imagine if you were trying to sell paintings over the phone or through a text ad – It would be a time consuming process, especially when you can just show them!

This is where Product Listing Ads come in.

Product Listing Ads or PLA’s allow you to take your products to market and truly put them on display. The conversion rates are significantly higher to their text ad counterparts which is, after all, the point of the whole exercise.

Search Engine Optimisation 

We have spoken quite a bit about Google Products that allow you to develop your market presence. However, there is nothing more versatile than your trusty Organic Search Results for your organisation.

Many advertisers put a lot of emphasis on generating exposure to their business and its brand though driving large volumes of traffic to their website.  However, indexing your website for the purposes of hoarding traffic will ultimately add very little value to your business. In many cases, people who use this strategy will end up being considered a lower quality resource by Google ands this can affect your ranking.

Remember, if you are driving lots of people to your website and they are leaving off the first page they land on in a short amount of time, it might be an indication you are leading the wrong type of people to your website.

To combat this, organic site links work similarly to Google AdWords ad extensions. The impact will increase by virtue of its presence in results the page. The extensions bring added functionality for the user who did the search to find you and will help drive them in the right direction.

Bring It All Together

The most important thing to remember about branding is that you are doing it to generate profit not just exposure and good PR. When you are using multiple Marketing and Branding strategies, you need to make sure that the message you are delivering to your market is consistent.

As with all Online Marketing, you want to be able to track the results and ensure that the work you have done to develop your brand is resulting in an increase of Conversions. If you would like to speak to one of our Google Certified Individuals to help you plan your multi-channel strategy, give us a call.

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