Locating New Sources of Traffic

Locating New Sources of Traffic

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When you have been performing Google AdWords management on your account for a while you may reach a point where you feel that you have gotten all you can from the advertising medium. You might find yourself increasing the daily budget for the account but the increases aren’t getting used and you don’t seem to be generating a higher volume of clicks. The statistics of the account seem to be producing evidence to you that you’ve done all you can for your business online with AdWords and you might be getting ready to turn your attention to Search Engine Optimisation, or some other online advertising strategy. Before you do that though consider the areas of the market that you have not yet tapped in to with your paid advertising campaigns.

Finding new areas to expand your target market could occur as simply as hearing about a certain customer’s requirements for your products and services and finding a new way people are using them. A trend could occur where demographics that were previously not interested in what you had to offer are all of a sudden knocking on your door through word of mouth. An even more common scenario might be the decision to expand the business, moving into new areas and increasing the output of your provision of product or service offerings. There are a broad range of ways to find new strategies to grow your business and its almost always unlikely that you will have done all you can do with your Google advertising strategy.

One simple approach starts in the most obvious place. Each time you log into your Google AdWords account you’ll notice suggestions of new keywords to add to your campaigns for new traffic sources. While some of these may be irrelevant it is always good to review them and consider them. Keeping records of which ones you have chosen to use and which ones you have opted against using with reasons why. When your at this point of your online marketing you have the added luxury of experimenting with different keyword sets and running them for periods of time to determine whether or not they are profitable and see just what kind of traffic they bring into your business.

Another powerful strategy is to consider how your competition is attracting their business. You can perform an auctions insights analysis on your AdWords account to discover businesses your ads are competing with.

This analysis can be run as specific as the ad group level if there is enough data in the account and depending on your set up can allow you to find competition on individual products and services and the way you are marketing them. While running these reports won’t show you the keywords your competition is using beyond the ones you are competing on, you are able to then review there website to get ideas of different ways to sell the same products and services as well as discover how people could be searching for you.

In addition the search term report that can be generated from your AdWords account allows you to see exactly what people have been searching when triggering your ads. This is especially useful for your broad match keywords. Checking these reports weekly will allow you to find new keyword sets that can be used to expand your target audience as well as refine the campaigns you are already running. You may also find keywords that are irrelevant to your products and services and you can remove these searches from triggering your ads by adding these to your negative keyword lists.

When it comes to Google advertising or any other pay per click advertising campaigns, even when it appears that you have reached a point where you can do no more, there is always room for improvement and something to consider for improving growths and the overall return on investment for your business.

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