Granting Account Access for Google AdWords Management

Granting Account Access for Google AdWords Management

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What is the best method for granting access to your Google AdWords account without giving out your username and password?

This is a key question on the lips of many people with existing AdWords Accounts. If you are a regular user of Google’s products, you would be familiar with the ease of access provided by Google’s ‘One Log  for All Products’ update.

The beauty of this update meant that users can access all of the vast Google Products such as Google+, Youtube, Gmail, Picasa etc., with one username and password. This saved us all from having 10 different email addresses when we wanted to go about our daily ‘Google Lives’.

Although this saved us from filling our heads with another bunch of passwords we could never remember, it did cause some practical concerns with the security of your accounts.

In other words someone got access to your user password, they could post cat pictures on your Google Plus Page, spam all your friends with all of your embarrassing photos they could find on your Google Drive and subscribe to Rebecca Black’s Channel (if you don’t know who Rebecca Black is, consider yourself to have gone through your internet experience relatively unscathed!).

So is there a way to protect your business Google Accounts and still give access to your Google adwords account for the purposes of Google AdWords Optimisation?


Every Google AdWords Account Management Company should have access to a type of AdWords account known as an MCC (My Client Centre) which they can link multiple AdWords Accounts to, so they don’t have to log in and out of every account they manage.

You can allow them to access and make changes to your account’s ‘front end’ without being able to access your personal information like card details, login information and so on. They still have all the access they need to undertake the highest level of Google Adwords Management that you would expect from an AdWords Management Company.

Before you grant this access, you want to make sure that the person who will be accessing your account has the relevant skills and qualifications that are Recognised by Google (even if the access won’t allow them to engage fraudulently, you should still be able to trust who you are working with, and that this trust is recognised by Google).

How is it Done?

The only thing you will need to give your account manager is your Customer ID number – don’t worry, you can find this number at the top left hand side of your Google Adwords Home Screen once you have logged in to your account.

Once they have this number, they will be able to send you a request to link their account with your account so they commence AdWords Management. From here, you need to accept their request.

What Next?

To see where the request has been sent, you just need to click on the menu ‘Cog’ next to where you found your Customer ID number at the upper-right of your screen.

When you click the ‘Cog, it will open a ‘Drop Down’ menu. What you need to is click ‘Account Settings’.

 Almost there?

Once that page loads, you will the the top option on the left hand side (under the Google AdWords Logo) says ‘Account Access’. That’s the one you want to click because that will lead you to the last page in your ‘Account Linking’ journey!

The page below is where all the magic happens. There are only two things you need to do. The first thing is to click on the ‘Accept Request’ Button that is in the lower-middle of your AdWords page.

 Final Step!

When you click that a window will come up that looks like this:

Don’t be alarmed;  if you have verified that the person sending the request is who you are expecting it from (and ideally working for a company who is recognised by the Google Partner Program) then you will be fine.

Once you click “OK” then you’re done!

Simple really!

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