Benefits of a High Click Thru Rate

Benefits of a High Click Thru Rate

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There are many factors to consider when running your Google AdWords marketing campaign online. A well structured campaign, with themed ad groups, matching ad text and suitable landing pages can help keep your quality scores sitting somewhere around the 7 to 8 out of 10 mark, maybe even higher. Running an AdWords campaign with high quality scores over a long term period of time will provide you with boosts to ad rank which in turn will be rewarded with a lower cost per click from Google for your paid clicks. However the other most important factor to consider that will affect your quality scores and cost for bidding is your click through rate.

A high click thru rate compliments the quality score which directly affects the ad rank of your campaign. Maintaining a high click thru rate shows Google that your ad is relevant to the search users seeing your ad, is likely to generate a click and therefore deserves to be shown more in the ad auctions. A lot of revenue for Google comes through paid clicks, placing an advertiser with a high click thru rate at the top of the page ensures they will obtain more revenues. This is good for an advertiser as well because, provided the clicks are relevant to their conversion goals, this means more traffic and revenue for their business. An advertiser focused on ROI, (return on investment,) should use the AdWords platform with keywords that are likely to convert sales or leads, and build campaigns with a focus on improving ad rank by improving quality score.

Quality score is calculated based on three things, landing page relevance, ad relevance and expected click thru rate. If your AdWords campaign is built in a way where ad groups are themed you should find your keywords showing average to above average results for landing page relevance and ad relevance. Click thru rate is something that requires a more proactive approach. You might find that some keywords have low click thru rates and they are scoring below average or poor grades from Google. These keywords might be in low positions and not getting the right exposure. The keywords themselves could be broadly matching search phrases where the ad is not relevant to the search user. There are a range of different scenarios that could explain the low click thru rate. A low click thru rate is also an indication of poor quality of traffic. When you are getting clicks from keywords with a low click thru rate you might find that the response from the traffic you are paying for is not in line with the goals of the advertising campaign.

High click thru rates are an indication of good relevance to the search user. If you are running an advertising campaign to sell a product or service and using keywords in the shopping stage of the buying funnel then a high click thru rate shows that you are capturing the attention of the target market and leading them to a place to buy.

A low click thru rate could mean that you are trying to sell to a market not yet ready to buy, this might require you to alter the ad text to better engage with that part of the market. For example the search user could be searching for “why is my sink leaking?”, you could be targeting the keywords “sink leaking” and showing an ad to hire a plumber. This might be too early in the buying funnel to offer a service, the search user may be looking for alternative solutions before committing to hire a plumber. A better ad copy would show something like “10 most common causes of a leaking sink” then taking the user to a page with the 10 most common causes and having call to action to then book the sale. The more relevant the ad copy is to the search users search term, the higher the click thru rate will be. Provided you are filtering out irrelevant traffic, the likelihood of a conversion to clicks and sales will increase. Structuring the account in the right way allows you to individually improve click thru rate for each ad group within your campaigns, for all stages of the buying funnel you are marketing to.

Maintaining high click thru rate on your account with relevant ad copy and landing pages will give you optimum results for your Google AdWords performance. The high ad rank will provide you with clicks at a lower cost will in turn allow you to capture more traffic each day and ultimately improve your return on investment for the account. Running AdWords campaigns with ROI in mind means minimising costs, obtaining ROI then capturing the maximum amount of profitable traffic by growing your budget while adding in additional keywords to expand your audience. The earlier in the buying funnel you begin the lower your click thru rates will be but your account should always have ad groups that are in the final stages of the buying cycle with click thru rates up to 20% or above and conversion rates consistently high to give you the profits you need to capture more of your target audience.

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