AdWords Management: Mobile Extensions Update

AdWords Management: Mobile Extensions Update

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AdWords Management Update: So Long Second Line

Those of us who have been working in Google AdWords Management for a little while would have been exposed to a lot of talk about Ad Extensions and the value they add to your advertising.

If you have been out of the loop, site extensions add an extra level of functionality to the user being exposed to your ad. Gone are the days where your prospective client only has the option to click on the title of your ad.

You can now show them a map, give them an opportunity to view your special offers page or take them directly to your contact page, all before they have even seen your website. This extra functionality means that you have the opportunity to offer more than one solution to your market.

Beyond the niftyness of ad extensions, they have a significant impact on key stats like Click-Through-Rate and ultimately conversion. As we know, having a high Click-Through-Rate is a clear indication to Google that people like what you have to say with your advertising and as a result, Google can lower your Cost-Per-Click.

Now, just when we thought we thought knew everything about sitelinks and their application, Google announces  that  the second line of an ad copy will be replaced by an extension in mobile search ads.

In short, Google can see that, even with the screen size of mobile devices increasing every time an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Phone released, ad extensions are better at engaging our prospective markets than the 25 character ad copy that  we have labored over for the past decade currently are.

This update means that second line of the description on mobile search ads may not show depending on “how well it’s expected to perform” in generating user engagement . This line can be replaced with Call Outs, Location Extensions or Sitelinks bringing the functionality of mobile ads up to par with that of their desktop counterparts.

So what will it look like? See the below ad copy adds more functionality by adding a location extension to the sitelinks in the second version.

“By eliminating the second line of ad text, we give businesses another point of engagement with customers in their ads — in this case, it’s the additional location extension,”

Senthil Hariramasamy – Google .

Mobile Search Advertising is no longer a fun Google AdWords add-on;  its becoming a marketing staple for advertisers wanting to drive conversion and generate a strong return on their investment. If you are unsure what’s happening with your mobile advertising strategy perhaps its time to review it.

Make sure you website is mobile responsive so you are not directing traffic to a website that is unable to support the traffic that lands there. Contact us to speak to a Google Certified Individual.

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