AdWords Management Feature: ‘Callout’ To Your Market

AdWords Management Feature: ‘Callout’ To Your Market

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Are you using callout extension in your Google AdWords campaigns?

As part of a number of modifications to Ad Extensions, Google announced the roll out a new extension they named ‘Callouts’. This extension allows you to display unique offers, promotions and benefits of your products and services with an additional line of ad text to help you to enunciate your point of difference in the competitive online marketing world.

point of difference in the competitive online marketing world.

You can use the Callout Extension to promote unique features such as free shipping, 24-hour customer support and price matching/discounts, as you can see in the example provided by Google below.

If your products or services differ based on seasonal shifts in the market, you can use Callouts to promote seasonal offers that will help you ad to stand out and create more impact to your market.

The aim, as always, is to create a higher level of engagement with consumers using Google as their first point of contact to consume your products and services ultimately resulting in a higher Click-Through-Rate which can drive the cost of your advertising down and result in a higher Return on Your Investment.

Callout Extensions appear below  your ad copy and can be displayed with other ad formats like Google+ Ratings, Call Extensions and reviews.

What Will This Mean For My AdWords Management?

If you are familiar with sitelinks, you will see the similarities straight away. The key difference is that callout extensions aren’t actual links. This means that you don’t need to have a separate landing page for this extension.  This means you can be more flexible with your message and means thos of us who drive traffic through a simple website (ie website wil minimal navigation) can take advantage of this extension.

You will be able to customise Callouts for Mobile Devices (though you need to make sure your website is Mobile Responsive so you don’t miss out on opportunities) and schedule them to run at specific points in the day and day of the week.

As with any Google Products you can track the performance of the ads with and without Callouts through split testing your ads. They are rolling out for you to take advantage of and you really should because advertisers using them will see an impact on Click-Through-Rate and and Ad Rank.

If you would like more information on how Callouts can affect your Return On Investment through targeted AdWords Management, speak to one of our Google Certified Individuals.

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