AdWords Management Ethics Quiz

AdWords Management Ethics Quiz

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Can your Google AdWords manager pass the ethics quiz?

Know Your AdWords Management Company

As far as industries go, online marketing is one of the most unregulated – and management company know it. There few other industries where you can say you will ‘optimize and account’ and not specify what you are optimizing it for. Generic buzz-words like ‘optimization’ and ‘management’ are Online Marketing Management Company bread and butter and butter. The reason they are popular is because if you use generic words to describe a service, you can not be held accountable for falling short of it as a goal (unless they are blatantly not doing the work on any level and, more often than not, AdWords management companies block their clients from seeing anything but reports on keword performance which often omit important elements such as the ‘change history’ report which gives insight into how often their account manager is making changes in their account.

The other issue I see are the so called ‘benefits’ of having these organisations manage your account. They talk about getting you to a high position on Google and sending out a monthly report, installing conversion tracking and doing competitor research. The reality is that you should expect nothing less from your AdWords Management Company than to be informed about who you are competing in the market space with; and that they have a vested interest in tracking what happens after a paid click to your website by installing conversion tracking; Google requires all Management companies to send a monthly report as part of their Third Party management Policies; and common sense would inform that you need to be visible in Google search to profit from it and so they should be wanting to make sure you are.

The reality is that having a high Click Through Rate and Great Quality Scores, lots of traffic hitting your website and being in a High Position on Google Search means nothing if your are not Producing a Return on your Investment – and one that can be measured in your account, not by assuming details.

At the end of the day, most of the business people I speak to really what to know what money they are getting back form the money they invested. This Ethics Quiz will help yiu uncover if your AdWords Management Company is operating in an ethical and transparent manner to help you reach your goals or is taking advantage of the lack of regulation in this industry.

Know Your Management

1. Is the individual responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your Google AdWords Account AND the company they work for based in Australia?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  Not Sure

2. Is the individual responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your Google AdWords Account, AND the company they work for recognised by the Google Partner Program?

  •  Yes (both)
  •  No (both)
  •  One of the two
  •  Not Sure

3. Has that individual shown you their Google IQ Program qualification in at least Google Adwords and Analytics for your verification?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  Not Sure

4. How often do your Management Company proactively contact you?

  •  Once a week
  •  Once a Month
  •  Once a quarter
  •  They don’t call me, I call them

5. How often do you discuss the impact of your Google spend and its ability to produce ROI? (e.g. if you area producing a $1,000 rerun on $300 investment,you would normally discuss investing $600 to produce a$2,000 return)

  •  Every meeting
  •  Sometimes, but not every meeting
  •  Never
  •  I dont remember

6. Do you have full access to your AdWords Account?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  Not sure

7. How often do you receive reports from your company that outline Clicks, Impressions, Cost and Conversion data (including value of conversion)

  •  Weekly
  •  Monthly
  •  Quarterly
  •  I don’t receive reports with Conversion Data

8. Is your Management Company running diversified strategy that allocates a portion of your budget to mobile devices?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  I don’t know

 9. Is your website mobile responsive (can be viewed on devices such as smart phones and tablets)?

  •  Yes
  •  No
  •  Not Sure

10. The AdWords Management company I work with protect me from loss by guaranteeing a minimum level of return on the total cost of my Advertising (including their management costs). If they fail to produce the minimum level of return as outlined in my contract, they will:

  •  Allow me to cancel with no cancellation fee or other such penalty
  •  There is no such guarantee
  •  I don’t know

11. How does your Management Company bill for their management fees?

  •  It is a figure that is based on a percentage of my Google spend
  •  Its a flat cost that is billed separately to my Google spend
  •  All my costs are bundled and paid straght to the Management Company
  •  I’m not sure

12. If you chose to leave the Company Management you are with currently, you are entitled to take what with you:

  •  Just AdWords
  •  Just Website/Analytics
  •  Everything
  •  Nothing / Not Sure


If your company failed more than three criteria then something is amiss – this includes if your answer was ‘not sure’ or ‘don’t know’. Remember, its the responsibility of your Management Company to explain how they operate and to work with you to set mensurable goals and its your responsibility to ask questions and set common goals to protect yourself from loss.

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