About Us

Our mission

We aim to design, develop and deploy quality websites, applications and advertising campaigns for our clients and then, most importantly, deliver results.

Our team will adhere to the mission while providing transparent, results oriented reporting, and relatable, jargon free communication.

A brief history

Your Clicks was founded in 2011. In the beginning, our aim was to deliver a return on investment for our clients who used the internet to grow their businesses. Our approach was to use hands on management and regular communication to develop advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook to provide clicks, leads and sales that aligned with the goals of our clientele.

In 2020 the core of our approach has not changed. We still believe that the key to a successful outcome online is based on good communication and proactive management strategies no matter the medium being used. What has changed is everything else. In 2011 the internet was an option extra that could help a business get to the next level or even start out. Nowadays, being found on Google is essential.

Technology has evolved, and Your Clicks has evolved with it. What started out as a small team of people capable of Google Ads management, SEO and social media management has become a business that specialise in full stack digital marketing and development.

Our team can help you with design, development and deployment of your website, application or other online business. We can then deliver results through advertising and ensure you are setup to track every movement your online presence experience once live.

We are not just another digital agency that send out monthly reports of data. We understand business, and we’ll help your business achieve the goals you set out. We understand Google and the internet and we’ll make sure you are represented here in the way that works best for you.

Our digital strategy


Chat with our team about your business. We'll talk about your history, your goals, your past successes and failures and what you'd like to see moving forward.


Images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds.


Images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds.


Images can account for 50% of your loading time. By compressing them you will quickly gain precious seconds.

What we do

Website Development

Get a website that's fast, attractive, and future proofed to walk on all devices.

Pay Per Click management

Use Google Ads, Facebook and platforms such as LinkedIn, Bing and more to be found by your customers online.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our team will help you build a website that delivers a message people want to see, thus gaining you stronger rankings in Google and other search engines.

Social Media Management

Build your brand reputation through the social sphere of the internet.

Mobile App Development

Our team can use the latest technology to turn your idea into the next big mobile application.

Analytics & Tracking

Track all forms of interaction and engagement from your acquisition sources for your website or application.

Work with Your Clicks

Talk to our team today about what you need to grow or start your online business today.